Welcome to the website of the biggest physique sports event in Poland in 2020.
The „International Physique Sports Festival” will feature not only sport trade fair but most of all four presigious NPC Worldwide & IFBB Professional League contests in bodybuilding and fitness:
1. “Debuts in Bodybuilding and Fitness”
2. “Polish Championships in Physique Sports”
3. “Battle for Olympia”
4. “International Xtreme Fitness Challenge – IFBB PRO Qualifier”
The main prizes in the contests are 7 NPC/IFBB PRO cards as well as sponsored trips and entries for participation in the Olympia Amateur competition in Las Vegas, USA and Arnold Classic Amateur in Ohio, USA in 2020.

The prizes in “Debuts 2020” are 2 trips and accomodation and registration fee in the IFBB/NPC Arnold Classic Amateur 2020 in Ohio, USA.

The awards in the NPC Polish Championships are statuettes, medals, material prizes and qualification to the “Battle for Olympia” contest.

Competitions will be judged according to the rules of the NPC Worldwide in all categories in which the number of competitors is not less than 5 people. In the case of a smaller number of competitors, weight or growth categories can be combined according to the NPC rules.

Debuts, Polish Championships and the Battle for Olympia will be judged by certified NPC judges delegated by NPC Wordwide from the USA and Europe.

“International Xtreme Fitness Challenge – IFBB PRO Qualifier” will also be judged by certified NPC judges from the US and Europe.


Moreover, there will be an opportunity to get qualification to represent Poland for the first NPC & IFBB Professional League World Championships in Atlanta, USA in 2020.
Minimum 21 of the best athletes in all weight and height categories at the “International Xtreme Fitness Challenge – IFBB PRO Qualifier” will receive nomination to the national team for the world championships.

All contests at the “Physique Sports Festival” will be judged only by certified NPC judges from the USA and Europe.
All competitors will receive commemorative medals designed specifically for the championships, and the winners in all categories will be awarded statuettes and material prizes from the partners of the Festival.

Feel invited to take part in this sports event as a supporter or coach or possibly as an athlete at the contests.
Athletes of all bodybuilding federations without any limitations, as well as athletes who have not participated in contests previously and those who are not affiliated with any sports organization can attend all four contests.
Those who compete in bodybuilding and fitness contests for the first time and debutants of other federations in 2020, as well as debutants from previous years, provided that it would be the second competition maximum in their career, can start in “Debuts NPC 2020”.

I will truly appreciate your help in promoting this event and NPC Worldwide federation in Poland. Share the information about this event or post about  it in social media.


Best wishes and see you in my competition in February!
Robert Piotrkowicz
▪︎IFBB PRO League Champion
▪︎Official Representative and Promoter
of “NPC Worldwide” and
“IFBB Professional League” in Poland
President and founder of the “Sports League NPC Polska”

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